Does “I Fish and I Knows Things” describe you or an acquaintance?

“I Fish and I Know Things” describes many fishing men and women.  Even if your passion is not fishing, you may immediately associate someone with this phrase.  This phrase is descriptive of several fishermen we know. 
Yesterday, this phrase came to mind very vividly when we contacted one of our fishing friends.  We needed some advice on matters that had nothing to do with fishing.  His knowledge on a wide range of subjects—economy, history, society, finances, religion, etc.—is astounding.  He really is an expert on many of these subjects.  He has been able to grasp this knowledge.  He also understands how to apply it to everyday life events. He is not a “so-called expert”, but a real expert.

Our friend has acquired this knowledge through study and experience over several decades.  His interests range from fishing, boating, animals, bees, insects, practical do-it-yourself repairs on his home and barn, finances, education, religion.  In fact, after decades of teaching, he went to seminary to get his degree and has become a minister.  He really helps the members of his congregation but does not neglect his family.

As a general rule, those who would describe themselves as “I Fish and I Know Things” do not boast about their knowledge.  You discover it as you get to know them over time.  But they will share if you have need or ask them.

It is a great to have a friend, who is a fishing pal and will share expert help whenever the need arises—whether fishing or discussing other subjects.  Since our design “That’s What I Do I Fish and Know Things” really describes him, we gave him a T-Shirt with the design on it.  You can see the design on several of our fishing apparel when you go to our ecom store,
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