Do You Have Family Fishing Traditions?

Long weekends fishing with the family was an unwritten tradition when our parents were alive.  We would meet at a cabin in Northern Wisconsin.  Now, when we look back on those times, we wish that we had taken more pictures.  Pictures refresh your memories.  It is a good idea to label them.

We would fish for several kinds of fish with spinning rods or fly rods from the pier, shore or boat.  If we wanted to wander away from our own shore or pier, there was public fishing on lakes, rivers, and creeks.

Although we called it a fishing weekend tradition, there were many other things to do.  Small town parades are always enjoyable. Long walks.  Cutting and stacking firewood to burn in the fireplace. Visiting with friends in the area.  Drives to checkout the scenery.  Plus, there is maintenance of a cabin.

This weekend we are just remembering some of those past weekends.  Thought we would share a few with you.  Maybe you will start your own traditions, if you have not already done so.

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