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Freshwater Fishing Impacts our Lives and Economy

Fishing is a source of food, enhances our health, provides jobs and boosts the economy for local, state, national and international communities.

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Benefits of Fishing, Water and Nature Are Magical

The benefits of fishing combined with water and nature are magical. Because fishing is done in a boat on the water, from the shore (water’s edge) or by wading the stream, it is much more beneficial than once thought. And since it can only be done outside in natural surroundings, we receive even more benefits. Magic of Fishing If you only go fishing for a few hours or a few days, you will be amazed how quickly you will begin to lose the tension and relax. The longer you are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life the...

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Does Thinking of Fishing Cause Images to Appear in Your Mind of Past Fishing Activities?

Does thinking about fishing cause images to appear in your mind of past fishing activities? And then are these memories quickly followed by thoughts of future outings to come?

You remember happy, excited memories of fishing with a special person or persons at a special place or time. There is always excitement whether you are catching a first, second or hundredth fish.

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Ladies and Gentlemen Who Love Fishing for Redfish

Recently, while strolling through a sports store, we came to the fishing department.  We stopped to look at the rods and reels.  Since we live in the Midwest, we have never fished for Redfish, but it is on our to-do list.  We were wondering what type of equipment would be best for fishing for redfish.  We mostly flyfish.  We are going to have to do some research on what weight rod to use. And what type of flies are best.We have added three new products to our store with a redfish design.  To see these new products click the links...

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Does “I Fish and I Knows Things” describe you or an acquaintance?

“I Fish and I Know Things” describes many fishing men and women.  Even if your passion is not fishing, you may immediately associate someone with this phrase.  This phrase is descriptive of several fishermen we know.  Yesterday, this phrase came to mind very vividly when we contacted one of our fishing friends.  We needed some advice on matters that had nothing to do with fishing.  His knowledge on a wide range of subjects—economy, history, society, finances, religion, etc.—is astounding.  He really is an expert on many of these subjects.  He has been able to grasp this knowledge.  He also understands how...

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