Fishing is More Popular than Ever

In 2016  the most popular outdoor recreation activities were running and fishing.

Recently,  I read this most interesting and informative article on fishing,  2017 Special Report on Fishing provided by Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.  The facts presented in this article are backed up with graphs and charts.  It is easy to read and not boring.  I think you would enjoy spending a few minutes reading it.

In my own words, here a few things that caught my attention.  Also, you will find an interesting chart of the many reasons people fish.

Most fishing trips were completely spontaneous, no advance planning.  These trips were for fishing only, not part of camping, etc.

Most popular ways of fishing are from shorelines, riverbanks and boats.

Although thousands dropped out of fishing (mainly because of age, etc.), the number of those new to fishing was even greater the number of those who had dropped out..

A reason for going fishing is to spend time with family.  Fishermen expect to relax and unwind as they fish in the outdoors.

Youngsters introduced to fishing usually enjoy the sport the rest of their lives.  They have good memories of these fishing trips with their family and friends and being in the outdoors.

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