Freshwater Fishing Impacts our Lives and Economy

Fishing is a source of food, enhances our health, provides jobs and boosts the economy for local, state, national and international communities. You will be amazed at the direct and indirect ways that freshwater fishing impacts our lives.

Source of Food

Millions of people around the world's main source of food is the fish they catch. Guess it is true that if you teach a person to fish, they can provide their own food. Fish is a good food source whether it is eaten daily or occasionally.

Healthful Benefits

There are abundant healthful benefits. Here are a few of them:


  • Relaxation is the first that comes to mind. You are getting away from the daily routine and you can let your body and mind relax.
  • Family Time Together to do fun things in an unhurried way, not only fishing, but other activities available around this fishing area.
  • Mastering Different Skills for yourself, not letting someone else do everything for you. You will need to do your own casting, handling your tackle, tying knots and other things.
  • Patience in Fishing is required as you don’t necessarily catch a fish the moment you drop your lure in the water. It may take some time and many casts to get that fish.
  • Traveling to fishing destinations which may be nearby, across the state or nation, or even to another country. Your travels will depend on the type of fishing you do and where the fish are found.
  • Enjoy Natural Surroundings of the fishing area. Learn about the natural habitat there, such as animals, birds, plants, insects, water, terrain, etc.

These are just a few of the healthful benefits associated with fishing.

Boost to Economy

Fishing boosts the economy of businesses and governments in the United States. And it does the same for other countries around the globe.

The revenue from fishermen visiting an area can boost its economy a considerable amount. They usually purchase food, gas, lodging, visit local attractions, etc. All local and state governments receive taxes from these purchases. Plus, most people planning to fish must purchase a license and maybe a special permit also.

Large manufacturers of fishing gear, boats, clothing, and items related to fishing contribute to the economy, no matter where their manufacturing facilities are located.

Jobs are provided by the fishing industry as all these businesses and governments need workers.

All states have studies that show how the Freshwater Fishing Industry impacts the treasuries of their businesses and governments, both directly or indirectly.

A study done in 2017 in the state of New York shows the impact freshwater fishing has on that state alone. In summary this report showed that the freshwater fishing industry added over $2,000,000 and over 10,000 jobs to New York’s economy. 


Fishing is good for us. Directly or indirectly the Freshwater Fishing Industry impacts our lives and economy. It is an important source of food for many around the world. Many times, the healthful benefits are seen and felt immediately and other times they are long term. Jobs are important in all areas of the fishing industry. It is amazing the millions of dollars that freshwater fishing contributes to all areas of our society—too many areas to try to list. It truly does make our lives better in so many ways.


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