Thinking About Fishing

Do not disturb me when I am thinking about fishing.  Fishing memories are rapidly flashing behind my eyelids, and quickly followed by anticipated fishing to come.  At times like these I desire to be an artist.

What are your fishing memories?  Probably most are happy, excited memories of fishing with a special person or persons at a special place or time.  There is always excitement whether you are catching a first, second or hundredth fish.  The saying on this T-Shirt (Do Not Disturb I Am Thinking   About Fishing) conveys most fishermen’s feeling when they are thinking of fishing.

First Memory of Fishing

What is your first memory of fishing?

Mine is going fishing with my dad and siblings.  It had just rained. The creek was muddy, especially our fishing hole by a cottonwood tree.  My dad prepared fishing poles for us (which he had cut from tree saplings) with a strings and hooks.  As I recall, we had to dig our own earth worms which we put into a small can.  Not sure who put worms on hooks.  We sat down on the bank and quietly fished.  Whenever we caught a fish, we put it on a stringer.  These fish were later cleaned and cooked for our next meal. It appears that many fishermen today catch and release their fish

More Recent Memories

Fishing is still an enjoyable, relaxing, outdoor activity.  And it is always exciting to catch a fish, no matter how many or what kind of fish you have caught in the past.

Bluegills are fun to catch, especially for children just beginning to  fish, and even if you are a seasoned fisherman.  These fish seem to jump onto your hook as fast as you can remove them and cast your line and hook back into the water.  Sharing such an enjoyable, exciting experience with others makes good memories for young and old alike.

All ages thrill at catching fish.  It was a thrill to catch my first brook trout out of a spring creek.  At the time did not realize that it was a large size for a brook trout.  I did that on a spin casting rod and reel.

Just seeing a trout, bass, perch, crappie, or northern pike and trying to catch it is very exciting.  Guess the trying is almost as much fun as the catching.  That still gives every fisherman bragging rights.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment has changed over the years.  Much more to choose from—in fact it can become rather confusing to make a choice.  Probably, the spin casting rod and reel are the easiest to use.  And they can be used in most fishing situations.

A tournament fisherman would choose a rod and reel for bait casting.  Takes much practice to learn this skill—sometimes a whole fishing season.

Fly fishermen use a flyrod, reel and artificial flies to catch fish.  Although you can fly fish for all types of fish, most often you think of fishing for trout or salmon.  Fly fishermen may fish from streamside, wade, or from some type of boat.


Fishing is still enjoyable, exciting and makes good memories.  Doesn’t matter type of fish you catch, your equipment, your skills, your location or whether you are alone or in a group.  Think I will go look at the T-Shirt again.  It’s saying is very true, which is: “Do Not Disturb I’m Thinking About Fishing

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