Does Thinking of Fishing Cause Images to Appear in Your Mind of Past Fishing Activities?

Does thinking about fishing cause images to appear in your mind of past fishing activities? And then are these memories quickly followed by thoughts of future outings to come?

You remember happy, excited memories of fishing with a special person or persons at a special place or time. There is always excitement whether you are catching a first, second or hundredth fish.

First Memory of Fishing

What Is Your First Fishing Memory? How old were you and where?

Some begin fishing in young childhood, others begin as teenagers, or still others as adults. No matter the age, fishing is always interesting and enjoyable. Besides you can do it alone, with another person, or a group.


My First Fishing Memory is going fishing with my dad and siblings. It had just rained. The creek was muddy, especially near our fishing hole by a cottonwood tree.

My dad prepared fishing poles for us (which he had cut from tree saplings) with a strings and hooks. As I recall, we had to dig our own earth worms which we put into a small can. Not sure who put worms on hooks. We sat down on the bank and quietly fished. Whenever we caught a fish, we put it on a stringer. These fish were later cleaned and cooked for our next meal.

Recent Fishing Memories

What Are Your Recent Fishing Memories? You probably have many varied types of memories. Vacation fishing trips near your area or maybe you traveled a long distance for a special fishing event. If you only fish on weekends, that is still a great outing. Teaching your child or grandchild to fish is special to both of you.

Our More Recent Fishing Memories are so many that it is difficult to mention them.

For some years we fished farm ponds belonging to parents and friends. To do so, we purchased inexpensive spin casting combos for our family. Adults and kids always get excited whenever they catch a fish. Ponds seem to always have bluegill, perch and sometimes bass.

After a few years we were able to go to a family cottage located on a lake in northern Wisconsin. Not only could we fish in the lake from the pier, shore or boat, but there were nearby lakes and rivers or creeks.

Style of Fishing

What Type of Fishing Do You Enjoy? No matter the method of fishing for the various species, it is always great activity for one person, a family, or group of friends.

A few years ago we became interested in fly fishing. We had no fly fishing gear or knowledge of how to use it. So, we began the journey of learning all about this way of fishing. Although we started out mostly fishing for trout, it is enjoyable to catch bluegill, bass, smallmouth, northern, musky and just about all types of fish.

Now we have two options when we go fishing. We can use either our spinning rods or fly rods.

Summary of Fishing Memories

Thinking of fishing may cause images of past fishing experiences to appear in your mind. These memories are gifts to be enjoyed.

Fishing is still an enjoyable, relaxing, outdoor activity. And it is always exciting to catch a fish, no matter how many or what kind of fish you have caught in the past.


Bluegills are fun to catch, especially for children just beginning to fish. These fish seem to jump onto your hook as fast as you can remove them and cast your line and hook back into the water. Sharing such an enjoyable, exciting experience with others makes good memories for young and old alike.

All ages thrill at catching fish. It was a thrill to catch my first brook trout out of a spring creek. At the time I did not realize that it was a large size for a brook trout. I did that on a spin casting rod and reel, since we did not have our fly fishing gear yet.

Just seeing a trout, bass, perch, crappie, or northern pike and trying to catch it is very exciting. Guess the trying is almost as much fun as the catching. That still gives every fisherman bragging rights.


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