When Fishing is Tough, Think Like a Fish

What do you do when a trip to your favorite fishing spot almost ends before it begins?  You think like a fish and enjoy a day of great fishing.

Your regular fishing waters are void of live plants and no fish visible, think like a fish.  The fish will seek out areas that have live vegetation and cover.  So that is where to seek them.

Apparently, any fisherman can get a surprise when he arrives at his familiar fishing water and finds the plants are dead and brown in the waters.  Most likely it will be due to chemical run off that got into the water and killed the plants.  Either fish move to a more suitable area or they die.

Steve Rogers wrote in the Morris Herald-News about this eagerly anticipated fishing trip to one of his favorite waters where he found fishing tough because no plant life for them.  He remembered a saying of another fisherman.  Then he began to think like a fish and found the small fishing pocket in the lake that was alive with fish. 



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